Will offering a crypto wallet on the new Samsung S10 push mass adoption?

26 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 26 Feb, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
Will offering a crypto wallet on the new Samsung S10 push mass adoption?

Samsung have just recently announced the addition of a crypto wallet that will come standard with the new Samsung S10. Is this what is needed for the next bull run?

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Following the news that Samsung have integrated a blockchain wallet into their latest release of the popular Samsung smartphone, the S10 has now officially been confirmed to include the crypto wallet that could potentially push mass adoption to another level. 

Following continued rumors that Samsung were working on a cold storage wallet for their smartphones, Samsung eventually denied this as "rumour and speculation"

However months later, and it appears that it was all a ruse. Perhaps the company decided to keep the news on the low down to keep their competitors in the dark? 

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Samsung is currently the number one cell phone brand in the world, and clearly looking to cement their position for 2019 by moving into the cryptocurrency space. 

According to the IDC, Samsung shipped over 71 million units in 2018, holding the majority market share of 20.9%. 

The addition of the crypto wallet so far shows that Bitcoin, Ethereum and Enjin will be available on the device, It also appears the use of ICON for identity purposes may be included. 

Samsung have not given out massive amounts of information as of yet but have announced the blockchain wallet at the Mobile Business Summit which is currently ongoing. The news is a big surprise for for the industry, and could potential be a catalyst for massive growth in the space if Samsing can successfully launch a usable blockchain wallet. 

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