Many people missing out on Fetch.AI token sale: 'Better luck next time'

25 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 25 Feb, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Many people missing out on Fetch.AI token sale: 'Better luck next time'

After 68 million FET tokens available on the Binance launchpad were sold out in about 10 seconds, crypto Twitter is booming with reactions from community members. Some complains are popping up, but so far it appears as if there were no technical issues, supply was limited, and demand was high, therefore many could just be dissapointed about not being able to get any FET on time.

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At about 14:40 GMT, Binance announced the completion of the token sale, and counted almost 20,000 successfully submitted buy orders:

However, out of those 20,000 only about 3,000 managed to get hold of some FET, as CZ admitted:

At least 17,000 crypto investors were unable to purchase FET despite of having submitted buy orders, due to the high demand and the limited supply of the token sale. Many of them have taken upon Twitter to make claims about the situation, with CZ replying to some of their quarrels:

The success in creating attention over the token became evident even before the sale started, with many highlighted accounts discussing the event. Alexandre Dreyfus shared the following video, where what seems like a Chinese internet café is totally taken over by Binance users awaiting to receive some FET:

In the light of such attention, Blockchain investor Ian Balina has said that it looks like Binance is becoming "the new NASDAQ and NYSE", while also wondering about the comeback of ICO's:

CZ appears to be aware that there have been many users of his exchange unable to purchase tokens from this month’s Launchpad sale:

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