Top winners and losers: EOS tanks as Ontology (ONT) weathers the storm

24 Feb, 2019
by David Robb
Price Action
Top winners and losers: EOS tanks as Ontology (ONT) weathers the storm

After a solid week of gains for the crypto market, almost all of the top 100 tokens are down. EOS and others have fallen over 14%, while Ontology (ONT) and S4FE (S4F) have managed to weather the storm.

Of the top 10, EOS (-14.9%) has lost the most value in the last 24 hours. 97th-placed Veritaseum (VERI) has suffered the worst, losing almost 19 percent. Bytom (BTM), Mixin (IXN) and IOST are not far behind, each down over 15%

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56th-placed S4FE (S4F) has manged to buck the market trend, with a huge gain of 26.4%. Ontology (ONT) is up by 6.17%, while Komodo (KMD), OmiseGO (OMG) and ODEM (ODE) are the only non-stablecoins to have not decreased in price for the 24-hour period.

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