Vlad Zamfir bringing realistic outlook to CasperLabs as lead architect

23 Feb, 2019
by Arthur Sillers
Vlad Zamfir bringing realistic outlook to CasperLabs as lead architect

CasperLabs has announced a collaboration with Vlad Zamfir of the Ethereum protocol, appointing him as the lead consensus protocol architect for the Casper project.

CasperLabs is a team developing new consensus algorithms, and they already have a close relationship with Vitalik Buterin, the overall head of the Ethereum project, so the appointment isn't particularly surprising, but is notable in terms of Zamfir's history of statements regarding contemporary protocols in blockchain.

According to a medium post from CasperLabs, Vlad Zamfir will be a senior member of the team in charge of working out what they hope will be the next generation of blockchain consensus algorithm.

Casper is an attempt to build a protocol described in the announcement as a ‘correct by construction (CBC) consensus protocol with market and incentive design’ is very on brand for Zamfir, who has demonstrated motivation to create protocols (in particular for the Ethereum enviornment) which move beyond Proof-of-Work consensus methods, the traditional way to secure and build blockchains.

 Vlad Zamfir, notably, does not look at blockchain technology or even the work he is developing through rose-colored glasses. In 2017 he noted quite publically that the Ethereum protocol he was working on had significant security problems, and in a blog post he went on to clarify that blockchain technology is not at the place it needs to be for real use cases.

Zamfir mantains this combination of enthusiasm about blockchain and a realistic vision of where the technology is at in the announcement, noting that ‘The tech is still nascent, and it’s possible that protocols deployed today will not fulfill the promise of blockchain technology.’

 Still, Zamfir clearly believes in future possibilities for blockchain using the protocols he is developing, stating ‘decentralized, scalable, and secure public “proof-of-stake” consensus protocols that are much more usable and secure than existing blockchains are possible.’

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