Did a five-year-old girl make 3.87 BTC selling coffee and popcorn?

23 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 23 Feb, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Did a five-year-old girl make 3.87 BTC selling coffee and popcorn?

On Reddit, a picture of a girl running a street popshop is getting attention. The stall accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment, and commenters have uncovered the amount of her gains: 3.87 BTC, or $15,220 at the time of writing.

Zoey’s Popshop is making the rounds today on Reddit, as the QR code displayed on her stall for processing Bitcoin payments enabled posters to uncover the rather large sum of her gains.

One of the first findings from redditors was the location of the picture, inferred both from coffee prices and from the QR payments processor:



Eventually redditor FalseDemand came up with the most upvoted post on the thread by sharing the BTC address where masala popcorn and coffee buyers were depositing their funds:


To the surprise of many, the address is currently storing almost 4 bitcoins, placing itself in the top 4% of addresses according to Bitcoin distribution data extracted from BitInfoCharts.

This has given room for several theories to spark on Reddit, trying to explain the origins of the funds. Some of them are rather creative:




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