Pantera Capital states BTC's fundamentals are "much stronger" than in 2015

23 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 23 Feb, 2019
by Richard Allen
Pantera Capital states BTC's fundamentals are much stronger than in 2015

Blockchain investment fund Pantera Capital has come out stating that, despite the falling prices of cryptocurrencies, the fundamentals remain relatively strong. In their February letter, Pantera Capital touch on their expectations for the future of the crypto market.  

“Today, the underlying fundamentals are much, much stronger than they were in the 2014–15 crypto winter,” Pantera CEO Dan Morehead explains. He cites the “impending institutional wave of money coming into the markets” as the main reason for this, adding that the launch of Bakkt, Fidelity’s crypto division, and ErisX will play a large role in driving institutional involvement.

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Pantera expects the crypto industry to begin making improvements in blockchain scalability, stating blockchains are going to be able to scale at least 100x. Morehead added that the scalability issue is one of the major hurdles holding the rest of the industry back. The Pantera chief executive likened the lack of throughput on the Bitcoin and Ethreum blockchains to “people complaining in the early 90s that TCP/IP sucked because you couldn’t stream Netflix.”

“These protocols will scale. Even if it takes years for it to happen, you shouldn’t discount that eventuality out of the price today," he concludes.

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