Market ends the week with solid gains across the board, BTC testing $4,000

23 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 23 Feb, 2019
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Market ends the week with solid gains across the board, BTC testing $4,000

The market remained green following a week that saw most projects jump in price. Bitcoin continues to press the $4,000 resistance, breaking through it several times but failing to turn resistance into support. 

Sunday will be an important day for Bitcoin as the weekly candle comes to a close. Bitcoin is currently up 9.33% this week. All eyes will be on BTC when the weekly closes to see if it has the ability to push through resistance or if BTC retraces back towards $3,400.

The week looks like it will end on a good note for most investors, as 6 of the top 9 coins all saw double-figure percentage growth this week. Most notable was EOS which climbed a massive 35.19%. Ethereum jumped 19.55% climbing to $150, which also appears to be resistance for Ethereum.

Traders would have had a good week in a market that saw the total market cap strengthen back over $130 billion with an influx of trading volume closing out the week at the highest it has been in 2019.

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All the signs point to the worst being behind us as the market recovers, but bitcoin isn't out of the water just yet, there is still potential for BTC to retrace and retest the range in the lower $3000 area.

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