SALT and WINGS could be delisted from Upbit and Bittrex next

23 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 23 Feb, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
SALT and WINGS could be delisted from Upbit and Bittrex next

Following the recent delisting of both tokens from Binance, which offered no direct reasons for the delistings of both tokens, it looks like UpBit may be the next exchange looking at potentially delisting the projects. 

Both SALT and WINGS were delisted from Binance last week for failing to maintain a particular standard at the the world's number one cryptocurrency exchange Binance. While it would be in any projects best interest to ensure their token remained on the popular platform, especially considering how hard it is to actually get onto the exchange, SALT and WINGS failed to impress on Binance, and were both delisted.

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It appears the worst is yet to come as UpBit has announced the potential delisting of several coins that include both WINGS and SALT. However, UpBit has provided reasons for their potential reason to delist.

It appears the reasoning for potentially delisting WINGS is due to the lack of users making use of the project, and the low marketing effort. SALT on the other hand is also facing delisting due to an investigation by local financial authorities due to unfair distribution of tokens.

The potential delisting of tokens from UpBit would most likely mean that both tokens would be delisted from Bittrex as well, seeing as both exchanges list coins at the same time.

Fortunately SALT is listed on a dozen exchanges while WINGS would still be tradable on at least 4 other exchanges.

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