Multicoin Capital praises Binance and BNB in report "We're long BNB"

23 Feb, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
Multicoin Capital praises Binance and BNB in report We're long BNB

Multicoin Capital managing partner Kyle Samani recently tweeted a thread on his analysis of Binance and their native token BNB. Samani admits "We're long BNB"

Multicoin Capital released their analysis and valuation of BNB token, with Samani praising the company for outperforming its competitions and even overtaking them in terms of growth and adoption.

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Samani believes BNB will gain in value due to the growing success of Binance, "In the long run, the vision is that *all* value that flows through the Binance ecosystem will accrue to BNB directly."

Multicoin Capitals report of Binance describes the native token as "dramatically undervalued", with Binance dominating global reach, highest trading volumes and lowest trading fees, Multicoin believe "it is a novel asset with properties that many investors do not yet fully appreciate."

Samani praised Binance for disrupting not only the industry, with their latest launch of Binance Chain, but also admitted "Binance is aiming to disrupt itself before someone else does"

It is safe to say that Multicoin Capital and Samani are very excited about what Binance are offering and the potential BNB holds going forward. 

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