Malta and Andorra will roll out academic titles on blockchains

22 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 22 Feb, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Malta and Andorra will roll out academic titles on blockchains

The convenience of utilizing blockchain technology in order to credit and secure important information such as academic titles is starting to become a priority for states. Two of Europe´s smallest countries, Malta and Andorra, have synchronized their anouncements of the same implementation, in an apparent unknowingly way.

Even though they can barely put 500,000 people together, Malta (pop. 460,000) and Andorra (pop. 83,000) are leading the way into blockchain innovation in the European continent.

The latest news came from Andorra La Vella, the capital of the small state enclaved in the mountain ridge that drafts a natural border between France and Spain. News agency Europa Press reported that this academic year will see all of the higher education titles offered by the country certified by means of blockchain technology. According to local authorities, the system will make it impossible to eliminate nor modify the titles, while at the same time cutting costs derived from the previous, analogic process.

It seems as if Andorra, a country which is often labeled as a tax haven and makes most of its GDP from the banking and tourism sectors, is closely following the footsteps of Malta.

Just one day ago, Joseph Muscat, PM of Malta and leader of the Labor party, announced on Twitter that his country would become the first in the world to add an extra layer of certification on academic titles thanks to blockchain technology:

On the bigger picture, Malta has been as of late the most successful regulatory environment when it comes to attracting crypto and blockchain investments, hosting companies such as Binance and Okex. Perhaps partially influenced by this traction, the EU has predicted that Malta will exceed all other countries from the block in growth during the current year:

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