No more ZCash Company, hello Electric Coin Company

22 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 22 Feb, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
No more ZCash Company, hello Electric Coin Company

The team behind ZCash (ZEC) will no longer use the name ZCash Company as they rebrand to a new name, Electric Coin Company.

The company behind ZCash (ZEC) just announced a company name rebranding. The new name Electric Coin Company will replace the old name, the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company or more familiar as the ZCash Company.

“Only the name has changed. We are the same team, with the same mission: to empower everyone with economic freedom and opportunity. We developed and help steward Zcash,” the team assured in the official announcement.

With the rebranding, the team expect that they will no longer be mistaken as the ZCash Foundation. “We aren’t the Zcash Foundation. The foundation is a separate 501(3)c, managed independently. It has its own mission, team and board of directors,” the team says.

They added, “It’ll take us a little while to get the new branding right, launch a new domain and change out the sign at the office, but the name change is public, so we wanted to make sure we were on record confirming it.”

However, the Electric Coin Company’s team that consists of 30 people from around the world, confirm that they will continue their mission by focusing on developing and supporting ZCash.

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