50% of EOS dApps are used on a daily basis; only 10% for Ethereum dApps...

21 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 21 Feb, 2019
by Will Heasman
50% of EOS dApps are used on a daily basis; only 10% for Ethereum dApps...

Earlier this month it was discovered that just 10% of Ethereum dApps were utilized on any given day, a seemingly feeble amount for such a prominent platform. Now, further data suggests that EOS is far more popular than its contemporary rival…

According to LongHash who collated data from StateofthedApps - a website denoting statistics pertaining to various dApps – EOS is currently far superior to Ethereum in terms of usage, with over 55% of all EOS dApps showing at least one user within a 24-hour timeframe when the data was collected on the 18th of February.

According to the research the most popular EOS dApp had around 450,000 transactions within the 24-hour period, by contrast, the most popular ETH dApp had 200,000.

However, it's not all good for EOS, a breakdown of usage shows that only 4.5% of active dApps (8 dApps in total) have more than 2000 daily users.

This leaves a massive 90% of EOS dApps barely being touched, citing less than 100 users per day. And over 50% with less than 100 per day.

Ironically this is kind of a glass full/ glass half empty scenario for EOS, on one hand, they beat Ethereum on the other, usage is still well below its potential.

A few users on the EOS subreddit saw their glass pretty empty…

Replying to the news, one Redditor said:

Another had their own solution…

As reported yesterday, Justin Sun recently relayed that TRON is the frontrunner in terms of usage:

This was according to a report by dAppReview, who relayed that over the past two months EOS had 197,000 total users, Ethereum had 151,000 and TRON had 267,000.

Which dApp platform (if any) do you use? Let us know on the comments below!

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