Tippin on Lightning: users can now tip each-other BTC on Twitter

21 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 21 Feb, 2019
by Will Heasman
Tippin on Lightning: users can now tip each-other BTC on Twitter

Thanks to a new app you can now tip your favorite tweet artists with Bitcoin (BTC) via the marvel of the Lightning Network (and it comes with Jack Dorsey’s approval).

The new app known as Tippin works as a Google Chrome and Firefox extension, which integrates tipping on Twitter, literally adding a tip button (In the shape of a lightning bolt, of course) on every single Tweet; taking usability to the next level…

Tips are carried out through the Lightning network, which shows its prowess, transmitting payments (even micro-payments) with almost zero transaction fees.

The project is still in its development stage, but this clearly hasn’t stopped functionality.

Sergio Abril - counted among the chief engineers of Tippin – believes the Lightning Network will make tipping via social media “incredibly popular.”

According to Abril, Tippin is looking to expand onto other social media platforms the future; however, the company has kept tightly lipped about which ones specifically…  

Tipping has garnered much support from crypto Twitter:

one unsurprising advocate, is Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and financial services company, Square – and by the looks of things he’s raking it in…

This is yet another endorsement from Dorsey, who has been on a promotional drive, advocating the use of the Lightning Network and Bitcoin as a means of currency, more specifically, an internet currency.

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Many seemed to appreciate the support from Dorsey:

With such an influential person behind it, it seems though Tippin could become a mainstream staple of social media, and with it, bring BTC further onto the world's stage.

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