Crypto is "unstoppable", says Andreas Antonopolous

20 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 21 Feb, 2019
by David Robb
Crypto is unstoppable, says Andreas Antonopolous

Influential crypto figure Andreas Antonopolous recently gave an interview to Decrypt at ETHDenver, explaining his thoughts on Bitcoin maximalism and the future of crypto. The author of best-selling book 'Mastering Bitcoin' claimed that crypto is "unstoppable".

According to Antonopolous, who was promoting his new book Mastering Ethereum, the increasing dominance of Bitcoin is not something that should be welcomed by those who care about a truly decentralized financial system.

He claims that, as BTC's influence grows, "the level of corruption and abuse of power that we’re going to see in the Bitcoin community is going to require us to build something to disrupt it...If you just replace the power structure of traditional central banking with a power structure of Bitcoin-maximalist-billionaires, that [won’t] change anything".

Antonopolous claims that a single crypto taking over the world is the opposite of the future he wants to see, and he also pointed out that crypto enthusiasts in the developed world shouldn't welcome the failure of fiat: "I’ve lived in countries with failed banking systems. I’ve lived in countries with hyperinflation. And I’ve seen the misery and hardship that causes...I’d rather see fiat survive its own worst instincts, and Bitcoin add a choice for those who want it".

He also declared that "the underlying concept of open, borderless, neutral, decentralized systems that are unstoppable. It will succeed. It is succeeding already".

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