Coinbase Wallet now supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

20 Feb, 2019
by David Robb
Coinbase Wallet now supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Coinbase has announced that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is now supported by its mobile wallet app. Support for BCH on Coinbase Wallet will be rolled out for all Android and iOS users over the next few weeks.

While Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been listed for a while on the main Coinbase website and app, BCH holders had to trust the company to keep their tokens for them. Offering support for Coinbase Wallet means that they will be able to take control of their own BCH and be responsible for its security. Coinbase claims that its "goal with Coinbase Wallet is to create the world’s leading user-custodied crypto wallet". 

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Coinbase Wallet will allow BCH storage by default, as soon as it is available for a particular system. The app will also support the Bitcoin Cash Testnet, in order to help out developers and power users, who can switch to the testnet in the Advanced Settings tab.

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