Tron is first in terms of both total dApp users and active dApp users

20 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 20 Feb, 2019
by Richard Allen
Tron is first in terms of both total dApp users and active dApp users

Tron CEO Justin Sun recently tweeted that his company is now first in terms of total dApp users and active dApp users.

In response to the tweet, Twitter user tommyp408 posted an image depicting the rise of dApps on the network and the corresponding weekly active users since the start of the year. He adds that people underestimate the size of the Tron user base, explaining that Tron dominates the Asian market in countries like China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam, for example.

As per the included image, on January 4 there were 83 dApps on the TRON network. The following week that had risen to 117. By February 1 TRON boasted 180 dApps with 44,990 average weekly users. Last week those numbers had risen to 202 dApps and 59,120 average weekly users.

Similarly, DappReview looked at the total dApp users over the last two months. They found that EOS had 197,000, Ethereum had 151,000 and TRON had 267,000. By comparison, active dApp users on the EOS network totaled 13,845. Ethereum gad 2,133 and TRON 16,236.

Some took the opportunity to laud over their favorite project:

Not everyone shared the same optimism, however:

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