CZ on bull run: 'Always bullish, but no longer have that freedom of speech'

20 Feb, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
CZ on bull run: 'Always bullish, but no longer have that freedom of speech'

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has given his view on the current state of the market in an interview with YouTube Channel Ivan on Tech. CZ says that he 'likes to think' the bear market is over, 'but don't quote me on that'.

The CEO clearly is a bit more cautious with his market predictions after his tweet in August 2018, when he stated that 'I have a feeling this bull run will be a pretty significant one'. Shortly after, CZ deleted this tweet.

With the growing influence he has on the market, he doesn't want to make any hard statements on price action anymore. "I no longer have the freedom of speech to speak about bullish markets", CZ said to IvanOnTech. "Everytime I say that, people go crazy and say: CZ says we are going to have a bull market and the price is going to go up. I no longer have that freedom of speech. Not that people have taken it away from me, I can still say it. But I respect the general rules we have in this society."

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The Binance CEO added that he 'is always bullish'. "Even when Bitcoin was at $6000 I was like: this has to be the bottom. We gotta push more, this is the best opportunity, we gotta buy more. Any amount of fiat we have we need to convert."

"A lot more active"
With the positive sentiment in the market the last few days, there is a lot of talk that the bear market has come to an end. CZ: "If you look at the price action for the last week or month, even if you look at Twitter, we are getting a lot more active than we had before. So, I don't know, have we turned already? I would like to think so, but don't quote me on it."

"I'm always bullish, I think bullish people get more stuff done, we move the industry forward. I actually don't really care about bullish or bearish markets, it is what it is, it's something we can't really change, we can't really influence. We just keep building."

Earlier today, Binance launched the new Binance Chain and DEX on the public testnet.

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