Bitcoin Cash prepares for upcoming upgrade, adding 2 significant new features

20 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 20 Feb, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Bitcoin Cash prepares for upcoming upgrade, adding 2 significant new features

A group of Bitcoin Cash developers is reported to conduct a meeting to discuss about the upcoming Bitcoin Cash upgrade last Valentine’s day.

The meeting decided that 2 upgrades are ready to roll out on the upgrade that will take place on May this year.

“Schnorr signatures and Segwit recovery will be ready for the May upgrade,” the meeting video says as quoted by News Bitcoin.

While some other upgrades were also discussed in the meeting, it is unlikely that they will make it for the May hardfork.

Quoting Jason B. Cox, who joined the meeting, “There are a number of items that we had looked at over the last few months that were in consideration for the May hard fork — So far it looks like only a couple of the upgrade features will make it, like Schnorr.”

“That [feature] is looking pretty good so far and it’s gotten a lot of code review. There’s the Segwit recovery which I believe is also going to make it,” he said.

Lead developer Amaury Sechet added, “Yeah I don’t think there are going to be any more items added, but Schnorr has like one patch to go to make it work.”

Explaining the upgrades further, Mark Lundeberg said the Segwit recovery feature, which is less known than the Schnorr feature, will enable the recovery of BCH that is sent to Segwit address.

Right now, BCH that’s already sent to a Segwit address can’t be accepted on the BCH chain due to the clean stack rule.

As for the “more popular” upgrade, the Schnorr signatures, it will simplify the numerous data multiple inputs with the creation of a single merged signature, which will reduce blockchain storage and bandwidth by at least 25%.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Core developers are said to be working on the Schnorr singatures as well at the moment. Along with Blockstream, they’ve published MU-Sig, a new standard for multi-signature transactions.

BTC core developer, Greg Maxwell tried to troll by making a comment on Reddit, “Sounds like Bitcoin ABC is rushing ahead to deploy our signature scheme proposal (bip-schnorr).”

The BCH community, however, didn’t seem to respond to the comment, saying that Maxwell and Blockstream are not the inventors of the Schnorr concept. 

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