'The Ethereum abuse did not start now. It’s been going on for ages'

18 Feb, 2019
by Joeri Cant
'The Ethereum abuse did not start now. It’s been going on for ages'

The decision made by Ethereum core developer Afri Schoedon, to leave all social media channels due to the ongoing online criticism directed at his person, is impacting the Ethereum community at large, and not in a good way.

María Paula, CEO of Goerli testnet, took to Twitter today to express her disgust at the 'mobs' who forced Schoedon to make his decision to leave social media.

Paula states that the Ethereum community abuse didn't just start now, but points out that this has been going on for ages.

'I said I was angry at the “mob”, but actually, i’m more dissapointed at all of us who have been seeing abuse towards a lot of people in several times And NEVER did much.'

She went on to say that she could count only a few people that are always there to encourage people.

'The rest remain passive, silent, apolitical. GROW A PAIR', she tweeted.

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Some members of the Ethereum community agree completely and raise genuine concern about the displayed 'mob' mentality.

Others believe that the prominent core developer of Ethereum, Afri Schoedon, should have faced the critics heads on, instead of simply deciding to turn off, and tune out.

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It seems as if the prolonged crypto winter didn't really bring out the best out of everybody. Perhaps the 'coming' bull run might bring some release and more importantly, some positivity to the cryptocurrency universe.

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