5 Highlights of the interview from Pomp with Binance CEO CZ

19 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 19 Feb, 2019
by Joeri Cant
5 Highlights of the interview from Pomp with Binance CEO CZ

Crypto legends, Anthony 'Pomp' Pompliano and Binance CEO Changpeng 'CZ' Zhao, finally got together for the 'Off the Chain' podcast, where they discuss how 'CZ' built Binance exchange, how he runs the company, and what CZ is looking forward to in the future for crypto.

'Top 5 episode ever. Trust me :)', the Pomp tweets to his 189K twitter followers, and after listening to the latest edition of the 'Off the Chain' podcast, we have to agree.

When two of the most favourite crypto people get together and have a chat, then people are paying attention, and for a good reason of course. Both are considered to be true crypto believers and have become 'legends', each in their own right, in the cryptocurrency universe.

The Pomp introduces 'CZ' as one of the best executors in the cryptocurrency industry, stating that he is 'a big fan of the work that he has done'.

Let's take a quick look at some of the highlights of the interview between the co-founder at Morgan Creek Digital and the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

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How did Binance take the lead so quickly?

At around the 11-minute mark, CZ explains why Binance grew so rapidly and managed to get ahead of so many other cryptocurrency exchanges.

'Basically, when we started, there were only two other exchanges that focussed on crypto-to-crypto. All the others missed the fact that with crypto-to-crypto, you can go international instantly. Binance launched simultaneously in 180 countries. Even Poloniex and Bittrex missed this in the early days, because they focussed only on US markets.'

'All of them missed the international aspect of crypto. Binance didn't, and that was never done before.'

The Binance team (timestamp: 18:00)

Binance is known for not being the highest paying employer, and Pomp points to the fact that most people who become Binance team members actually take a pay cut.

'At Binance we are doing a really meaningful thing and everybody on the team knows that', CZ said. 'We look for people who are very passionate about this industry.'

According to CZ, Binance started with only around 30 people and most of the original team are still around. 'Almost nobody left' he said.

'They are all quite wealthy as well, at least on paper so. We kept that team, the core from the early days.'

He further added that at Binance there are no long-term plans.

'We have weekly plans and every week we get some stuff done. On a very fast pace. With a larger more decentralized team there is more overhead on communication, but I still push things very hard and things get done very quickly.'

'We still move forward very, very fast.'

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CZ is about providing alternatives (timestamp: 31:00)

'I come from an entrepreneur background, so I really want to help other entrepreneurs.'

CZ believes that entrepreneurs are there to help make the world a better place. 'That is kind of my world view', he adds.

He points out that he isn't the revolution kind of guy and is not extremely libertarian either.

'I am not against any government, any company, any organization, and I don't want to remove the banks. I just want to improve things, a little bit at a time.'

'I just want to provide different alternatives, and let people adapt.'

To have the most meaningful live is to do something meaningful. (timestamp: 43:00)

The Pomp asks CZ why he is doing all of this? Why are you doing what you do? What drives you? What is your personal motivation to do all of this?

'I think it is my drive to have a more fulfilling life. You want to make the best out of your life. To have the most meaningful life is to do something meaningful.'

CZ said that sipping Martini's just ain't any fun. Driving sports car isn't either. 'I am just not interested in that kind of stuff.'

He goes on to say that as a species we are genetically wired to first take care of ourselves, and then you want to take care of others.

'I think that is the most rewarding thing to do as a species. The most rewarding thing for me to do, is finding ways to help others.'

'Honestly', he says. 'I have enough money, taking half away of it doesn't change much. Money doesn't drive me.'

'The best thing I know how to do, is to increase the adoption of crypto. That probably will be the most positive impact that I can bring.'

'Perhaps it sounds a bit arrogant but that's what I honestly think.'

I believe 99,999999% that aliens exist (timestamp: 50.00)

When Pomp asks CZ how much the probablity is that aliens exist, CZ concluded the interview by saying that he believes 99,999999% in aliens.

'Which form? What do they look like? That is very variable.'

'They could look similar to us, but they could as well be very different from us, in such way that we can not really interact with them.'

'I also believe in the simulation theory. That we all live in a simulation.'

There you have it, two modern day crypto legends having a sit down for us to enjoy.

Let us know in the poll below if you enjoyed the interview as much as we did.

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