Max Keiser on JP Morgan coin: "Epic failure according to the market"

18 Feb, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Max Keiser on JP Morgan coin: Epic failure according to the market

One of the best-known Bitcoin pioneers in the crypto Twitter space, Heisenberg Capital and Bitcoin capital founder Max Keiser has just taken the chance of the launch of what some are calling a “fake” cryptocurrency by JP Morgan, to remind those reading his tweetline that his previous prediction of BTC at $28,000 is still possible.

Keiser is not the only one who is not welcoming towards the JPM coin. The latest launch by the otherwise cryptophobic legacy bank has been dubbed by many, including Forbes magazine, as a non-crypto product due to the fact that it only operates privately, for transfers between the lender and its clients, and its blockchain network requires permissions to be approved by JP Morgan themselves. He has even tweeted earlier today about it as well, perhaps in a more jokingly way:

The replies from Keiser’s followers were much in the line of his original post, with some remembering the otherwise reluctant, to say the least, attitudes and comments coming from associates of the bank in the past.

Be it as it may, there was also room for skepticism regarding the $28,000 BTC price prediction mentioned by Keiser, who has shared the same number of an increasingly high number of occasions, and seems to have found no reasons this far to update or modify his price target:

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