WAX + ARK up 50%; ETH leads the top 10 up 10% | Is bear season over?

18 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 18 Feb, 2019
by Will Heasman
Price Action
WAX + ARK up 50%; ETH leads the top 10 up 10% | Is bear season over?

It appears the bulls are getting their wishes granted today as the market turns decidedly green. So what’s going on? Is this finally the end of the bear market?

In a change to the status quo, Ethereum (ETH) is leading the market, currently up 10.47%, with a 24 trading volume of $5,102,955,062, bursting through yesterday’s price point of $125, right up to $138, looking to test $140, imminently.

Many believe that this may be the cause for the overall boost to the market, with many speculating on the overall trend for ETH:

One user on Twitter believed the breakout could have been something to do with the block halving which is said to occur after the Constantinople hardfork towards the end of this month:

Of course, this boost could simply be in anticipation of the long-awaited upgrade.

It seems things aren’t going too well for everyone though…

ETH isn’t the only one making a run for it, similarly, BTC is up,  citing a 2.93% increase in 24 hours, currently at a price point of $3,755 with some conjecture of more to come:

however, this is but a drop in the ocean compared to some alts.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is just behind ETH with an impressive leap up 6.71% in 24 hours, breaking through the $130 mark, with a few asserting there may be a breakout for BCH imminently:

Outside of the top 10, there is even more optimism, with some cryptocurrencies citing an increase of up to 50%.

One such coin is WAX up a supreme 49.90% in the space of 24 hours, WAX positions itself as a marketplace for online video game assets and launches its mainnet launch in just 2 weeks.

ARK is also citing highs in the mid 40’s up 43.90% on the 24 hour charts

SO what is going on? Is this truly the end of the bear season? Are we entering a new phase?

It certainly seems that way after repeated bullish moves over the past two weeks from BTC, ETH and numerous other altcoins - many of which have consistently held their gains and even pushed through new levels of resistance. Either way (for now at least) volatility is back, and it feels good!

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Is bear season over?

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