NEO’s Nash launches on March 31, should Binance be worried?

18 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 18 Feb, 2019
by Joeri Cant
NEO’s Nash launches on March 31, should Binance be worried?

The launch date of Nash, a decentralised exchange built on NEO, was announced by the co-founder of Nash, Fabio C. Canes, during the Sunday afternoon session at the highly anticipated developer convention, NEO Devcon 2019.

NEO’s Devcon 2019 developer convention in Seattle kicked off yesterday, bringing with it the launch date for the much-anticipated decentralised exchange, Nash.

The co-founder of Nash, Fabio C. Canes, announced the launch date for the Nash decentralised exchange platform as March 31, 2019, during his presentation titled 'Distributing Finance for Everyone'.

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When he revealed the launch date for the Nash decentralised exchange platform he was greeted by a wonderful applause from the NEO DevCon attendees.

The team which have been working tirelessly on Nash are hoping to provide a platform that gives users all the convenience of centralised banking or exchange applications, without the immense security risks that usually surround them.

Canesin described the Nash exchange, as a financial platform for future digital economies, while saying that the exchange is hoping to address the many problems of centralised exchanges in crypto.

The co-founder of the platform added that developers had attempted to create the same convenient user experience that one would find at a centralised exchange, however, with none of the 'honey-pot risks' seen at the QuadrigaCX crypto exchange in Canada and countless other exchange hacks over the years.

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Binance, the main competitor of Nash, decided to offer Binance customers with the ability to use a centralized and a decentralized exchange. The idea has been in the making for several months with CZ originally mentioning a public beta due Q4 2018/Q1 2019. 

However, now that Nash will have its launch date at the end of March, it might get tricky for Binance to keep the lead.

So, should Binance be worried about Nash? Let us know in the poll below.

Take a look at the entire presentation at NEO's Devcon 2019 conference in Seattle.

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