Jimmy Song: "Bitcoin SV is clearly a scam"

16 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 16 Feb, 2019
by Richard Allen
Jimmy Song: Bitcoin SV is clearly a scam

Bitcoin developer and well-known crypto personality, Jimmy Song recently took aim at Bitcoin SV, explaining why the coin is "clearly a scam."

Jimmy Song has been critical of Bitcoin SV since the start. Now, in a recent video on YouTube, Song is looking to put all the claims that BSV is the more principled coin to bed. He lists three reasons why Bitcoin SV “is clearly a scam.”

The first reason: Craig S. Wright

Song explains that the man behind the cryptocurrency is a known scammer, he’s claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto but has yet to provide any evidence. In essence, “the guy has been a con artist for a very long time.” That alone should raise red flags, Song says.

The second reason: a clear lack of development

In the two or so months since Bitcoin SV was created, Song states that if you look at their Github, “they’ve done nothing.” He adds that BSV apparently has some sort of private development and they aren’t into open source. “It’s anything but a secure protocol.”

The third reason: strange behavior from Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre

Song sites the “fake signature stuff” that they attempted to pull off as being a sketchy move. He continues that, while “it’s a complete crapfest with Bitcoin ABC” Ayre and Wright’s ongoing disagreement with Bitcoin ABC isn’t the mark of a reputable platform. He also explains that Bitcoin SV’s price is propped up by Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre. “It should tell you volumes.”

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