Reports claim Coinbase is cancelling their Visa Shift Card

16 Feb, 2019
Reports claim Coinbase is cancelling their Visa Shift Card

According to community members that use Coinbase, they have received an email stating that Coinbase will be cancelling the Visa card service. 

While no major announcement has been made by Coinbase, and not a lot of people appear to know about the apparent announcement, several users who make use of the Shift Visa card have stated that they have received an email stating"We, unfortunately, will be retiring the program in April of this year. All Shift Cards will be officially deactivated on April 11, 2019..." 

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The news comes as a huge surprise to users as it appears the news has only been shared via an email. Also the news is a huge setback for users and crypto as a whole.

The community reacted with disapproval towards the announcement, which will mean everyone who paid the $20 fee for the card to use it will now need to find an alternative solution within the next two months.

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