Bitcoin successfully transmitted with high-frequency radio

13 Feb, 2019
by David Borman
Bitcoin successfully transmitted with high-frequency radio

It is being reported by that for the first time, Bitcoin has been successfully sent between users over high-frequency radio signals. While not entirely practical for most, it does prove that Bitcoin could be transacted even in the absence of internet or satellite signals.

It all began when Rodolfo Novak made an offer on twitter to send BTC to anyone willing and able to do the experiment with him, and before long someone responded.

In a nutshell, an SDR is a "Software Defined Radio" and this allowed for the relevant Bitcoin information to be converted into a radio signal. The transmission was sent from Toronnto, Canada to Michigan, USA, and was sent through a snowstorm. Despite the weather, it seems to have been successful.

While the method isn't practical for most users, it is a good proof of concept that Bitcoin transactions can occur without the use of internet or satellite. If work can be pushed further on this, perhaps it could be an effective means to transfer money in internet censored areas. In any event, it's an exciting development!

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