Erik Voorhees tries to pass Lightning Torch to Hester Peirce, no go

13 Feb, 2019
by David Borman
Erik Voorhees tries to pass Lightning Torch to Hester Peirce, no go

Today Erik Voorhees took to twitter to offer SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce to take up the now infamous Lightning Network torch which has been gettinng passed around lately. She however did not respond and the torch moved on, for now, without her.

It seems Commissioner Peirce was unable to respond before Voorhees passed the torch on anyways.

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There is no evidence that Peirce declined, most likely she simply was too busy to respond before Voorhees chose a different recipient. Whether intentional or not, some on twitter pointed out it might be prudent for her not to get involved.

It is debatable if merely passing the torch would really be a conflict of interest or not, but it may be a different debate than Peirce wants to have right now. In any event, the torch keeps moving along!

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