The mobile app Spend now supports Litecoin

13 Feb, 2019
by Colin Hawkins
The mobile app Spend now supports Litecoin

Spend’s integration of LTC makes it possible for their users to buy, sell, and pay with Litecoin at over 40 million different locations.

For those unfamiliar with Spend, their users have access to a multi-currency wallet on their phone in which they can add or subtract balance by linking their personal bank account. There is also an option to use a Spend Visa Card, which allows Spend users to use their LTC at any merchant, due to it instantly converting their crypto to fiat currency.

The announcement for Spend’s integration of Litecoin was first revealed via a Twitter post:

According to further information from the Spend team on their website, they are very excited about what this integration means for the digitization of currencies:

“We are a firm believer in the fourth industrial revolution and the digitization of currencies. There are tremendous benefits for users worldwide to have control of their finances and to create an alternative financial solution for those who don’t have access to banking, which currently totals two billion people worldwide.”

Although this announcement is all about LTC, this is just an addition to the 16 different cryptocurrencies that the SpendApp users can currently buy and sell on the app directly from their bank account. They can also transfer funds to over 180 countries worldwide.

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