Introducing the psychic who claims they can predict the crypto market

11 Feb, 2019
by David Borman
Introducing the psychic who claims they can predict the crypto market

It is being reported by NullTx that self proclaimed psychic Sharon Michelle is claiming that she can share advice on where the crypto market is going with anyone willing to part with just $15 a month. Apparently the spirits know where Bitcoin is going, as well as other useful financial advice.

She calls it her "Crypto-Vision," and it apparently tells her through colors which crypto coins are going to do well in the future. She will gladly share this information with anybody if they are willing to pay her monthly fee. She also has a youtube channel but apparently the best information is kept only for subscribers.

In her own words:

"Included will be, not only Cryptocurrency information, but things like current events from Spirit’s perspective, economic trends, teaching instructions on how to improve your own psychic decision making, and powerful healing techniques. The list of things I have to show you goes on and on."

In a world where everyone claims to be able to tell you where the price action is going, why not take your advice from the spirit world? It make as much sense as getting your information from anywhere else!

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