Argentinians can now travel using Bitcoin

10 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 10 Feb, 2019
by Will Heasman
Argentinians can now travel using Bitcoin

In major adoption news, thanks to a partnership between Bitex - a blockchain based financial services provider -  and Alto Viaje - a platform to top-up Argentinian transport cards - citizens of Argentina can now pay for their travel using Bitcoin (BTC).

Alto Viaje is the company responsible for topping up the Argentinian state public transport card or SUBE (Sistema Único de Boleto Electrónico),the partnership with Bitex now enables purchases of SUBE to top up their travel cards with BTC and use it in all major forms of transport, including train, buses, and subways all around the country.

Speaking to Cointelegraph the CMO at Bitmex, Manuel Beaudroit, relayed that SUBE is used by over seven million people in 37 different locations across Argentina.

Adoption, adoption, adoption

Beaudroit sees this partnership as a key component within the broader goal of mass adoption adding that it is one step toward spreading “such a revolutionary technology, as Bitcoin.”

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, famed head of the popular crypto exchange, Binance, commented on this progressive step forward, and clearly couldn’t resist the urge to shill at the same time…

As CZ points out this exposes more than 7 million people to Bitcoin and potentially the wider benefits of cryptocurrencies in general, a major step forward for both mass adoption and further legitimacy.

This isn’t the only bullish adoption news to be shared today. As reported residents of the Philippines will soon have the option to physically transact cryptocurrencies, thanks to a two-way crypto ATM launched by Unionbank, one of the counties largest banks.

The countries financial regulator and central bank, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas also signed off on the ATM, which will enable crypto aficionados to convert fiat to crypto and vice versa.

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