Ethereum is all set for the Constantinople update on Feb 25

09 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 09 Feb, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Ethereum is all set for the Constantinople update on Feb 25

According to the hard fork co-coordinator of Ethereum, Afri Schoeden, Ethereum Constantinople and Petersburg Hard Forks are all set to activate on Monday, February 25, 2019.

The number three cryptocurrency is all set for its Constantinople hard fork. As the saying goes: 'third time's a charm!'

After being postponed for the first time due to a failure on the testnet last November, the Constantinople hard fork was scheduled to take place on January 6th, 2019.

However, Chepicap reported on January 15th, that a vulnerability was found within the Constantinople upgrade which was due to launch on the Ethereum blockchain.

The issues were discovered by ChainSecurity, prompting the development team to call a delay to the new protocol for the second time, as the issues could not be fixed in timely manner.

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The third attempt to launch the upgrade is going to be planned in a slightly different way, as there will be two forks taking place on the same block, the first being the initial fork, Constantinople, which will be followed by the second one, the Petersburg hard fork.

To avoid vulnerabilities the Ethereum dev team decided that there would be two hard forks taking place on the network, on the same block.

The first fork will implement all the changes proposed, whereas the second 'Petersburg' hard fork, will disable the protocol in which issues were identified.

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The hard fork co-coordinator of Ethereum, Afri Schoeden, took to Reddit to announce that he got a vague countdown.

'Got a vague countdown … Constantinople will activate on Monday 2019-02-25 11:54:02 UTC. Current average block time is 16.89 seconds. 91597 blocks to go (7188403/7280000).'


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Let's hope this time around we won't have to witness a third delay. Ethereum might not recover from yet another one.

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