Bitfinex is back online: why did it shut down earlier today?

09 Feb, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Bitfinex is back online: why did it shut down earlier today?

After being shut down for about 2 hours, Bitfinex has reopened trading. The exchange has offered explanations regarding their unplanned downtime.

As Chepicap reported right after the Hong Kong based exchange went down earlier today, the issues started at around 7:45 AM GMT, with several users experiencing connectivity issues.

The exchange followed with a shutdown announce on Twitter, and resumed their activities two hours later.

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As the shutdown took place amid a heavy influx of fiat into the crypto markets, many users were wary of the possibility of a DDOS attack, with some others hoping for a simple traffic congestion problem.

After promising more information as the above tweet shows, the official apology on the Medium blog of the company did not offered many details, mentioning that the shutdown had been caused by a “connectivity” problem.

Some of the opinions on Reddit about the issue are listed below:



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