Craig Wright: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum "are heading for trouble"

09 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 09 Feb, 2019
by Richard Allen
Craig Wright: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum are heading for trouble

In a series of tweets, Bitcoin SV proponent Craig Wright suggested that Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum “are heading for trouble.”

Write spoke about the safety of commercial regarding the abovementioned cryptocurrencies, explaining that the nodes are covered under safe harbor provisions so long as the organization engages responsibly.

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Wright goes on to say that users who hold any kind of illegal data on the network and are not commercial “are the ones in trouble.” He brought this up as a result of the recent allegations that an anonymous user stored child pornography on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. He explained at the time that this was allowed to happen after a decision by the Bitcoin SV community to increase the amount of data each block transaction could send by 450 times.

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The last cryptocurrency Wright took aim at was XRP, calling it “shit tech” that’s “falsely marketed.”

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