QuadrigaCX: will we see an "international manhunt" if CEO is alive?

08 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 08 Feb, 2019
by David Robb
QuadrigaCX: will we see an international manhunt if CEO is alive?

A renowned U.S. attorney has given his thoughts on the QuadrigaCX case. Jake Chervinksy claims that new tools are needed to monitor specific addresses that are claimed to be inaccessible, and believes that we will see an "international manhunt" if CEO Gerald Cotten turns out to be alive.

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After a recent court hearing in Canada, QuadrigaCX has now been granted 30 days of creditor protection, during which time it hopes to recover as much of its funds as possible in order to settle debts. Despite some evidence suggesting that it might not be wholly true, the exchange is sticking to its story that the death of Gerald Cotten has prevented it from accessing almost $200 million in customer funds.

QuadrigaCX claims that Cotten was the only one with the private keys to access these crypto tokens. According to Chervinsky, his other assets will have to be pursued by the bankruptcy estate, in order to pay back what the exchange owes. However, the attorney also appears to be one of the many people who suspect that Cotten may still be alive, and predicts a huge search operation "led by asset recovery lawyers" if this is the case.

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Chervinsky also suggests that a tool needs to be developed to make it easier to verify this kind of claim. In the future we could see more exchanges apparently losing access to wallets, and it would be important to be able to monitor these addresses automatically, in real-time.

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