Jack Dorsey, the Bitcoiner: Twitter's co-founder on BTC, ETH, BSV and TRON

06 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 06 Feb, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Jack Dorsey, the Bitcoiner: Twitter's co-founder on BTC, ETH, BSV and TRON

After receiving the Lightning Torch yesterday, the CEO and co-founder of Twitter and Square Jack Dorsey replied to many questions coming from different members of  the Crypto Twitter (CT) space. Chepicap gathered some of Dorsey´s most highlighted reflections about Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON and Bitcoin Cash.

It is important to mention first the Bitcoin experiment that led to the latest engagement of Dorsey with CT. Using tippin.me, a wallet for receiving and cashing out tips and micro payments with the Bitcoin Lightning Network, @hodlonaut started a chain of payments which up to now has passed through 37 countries and about 140 people. This tweet is the origin of the Lightning Torch chain:

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Once the Lightning Torch had been passed by Jack, the storm of questions started. Perhaps the most important answer of all is this one right here:

Dorsey confessed being a BTC hodler. However, he did not want to give any details about the weight of his bag: when asked how much Bitcoin he treasures, he replied with a single word: “Enough”.

The backing of Bitcoin was further explained by the Twitter co-founder in the following messages, self-reflecting on his recent statements where he dubbed Bitcoin as the best candidate for becoming “the Internet´s native currency”, and on the brand dimension of BTC:

There were also some references to Ethereum, but they were not as positive as the tweets referring to the cryptocurrency engineered by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Acquiring some Ethereum at its current price point of about $100 does not seems an attractive deal for Dorsey either, as he gave quite a clear negative to the same question, twice:

Tron enthusiasts were faced with similar disinterest from Dorsey, who dribbled his way out of the question through cinematic means:

Screenshot from the 1982 film TRON.

However, the worse part was for Bitcoin Cash and/ or the Craigh Wright led project BSV. When Jack Dorsey was asked about his plans for including the option of receiving BTC transactions on the Cash App, he admitted that the functionality is currently on the works. However, the BCH and BSV holders won´t be able to benefit from it: 

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Further attempts to convince Dorsey of the virtues of BSV had no effect:

Regardless of all the curiosity-quenching pieces of mind that Dorsey shared yesterday about cryptocurrency, there was one small downside: he appears to be unwilling to reveal his thoughts on when will crypto prices take off again:

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