Justin Sun announces Valentines Day campaign featuring celebs for BTT & TRX

06 Feb, 2019
Justin Sun announces Valentines Day campaign featuring celebs for BTT & TRX

Tron and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun has announced an upcoming special event for Valentines day, that will feature celebrities. 

In a recent tweet, the CEO who has been famed for making announcements about announcements, announced that he is planning a secret campaign that will be released on Valentine's day.

The campaign is obviously being planned in an attempt to market Tron (TRX) and Suns latest project, BitTorrent (BTT). 

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Sun announced that the campaign will feature "numerous celebrities", one of the celebrities is apparently a star of the 90's sitcom Friends, another is a three-time Golden Globe Awards recipient, and the last one mentioned, is a winner of four Super Bowl titles. 

Sun has not given out any more information as of yet, but it looks as if the cryptocurrency phenom is planning something big for TRX and BTT. Perhaps the 10x price pump on BTT was not up to standard? Could we be seeing more price pumps for TRX and BTT after the launch of the Valentine's Day campaign? And who could the celebrities be? 

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