Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gets passed the "Lightning Torch"

06 Feb, 2019
by David Borman
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gets passed the Lightning Torch

As Chepicap has previously reported, the "Lightning Torch" is payment of Bitcoin being passed around through twitter using the Lightning Network. It was started on January 19th by user "hodlonaut," and today was passed to Jack Dorsey, CEO of twitter, who accepted it graciously before passing it on.

Dorsey has quickly passed the torch to Elizabeth Stark, CEO and co-founder of Lightning Labs. As of this time, she has yet to pick up and pass the torch herself. The torch itself can be tracked on TaketheTorch.

Of course finding out the CEO of twitter is now involved brought out some comments. When asked if any other crypto's were going to be added to the Square Cash app (also owned by Dorsey), the response was pretty straightforward:

Some in the thread predicted this would be an immortalized event for Bitcoin:

One person even suggested the torch get passed to Elon Musk:

Overall this has been a great experiment for spreading the word about Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Lets see how far they can take it!

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