Who is Gerald Cotten, the allegedly dead co-founder and CEO of Quadriga CX?

05 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 06 Feb, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Who is Gerald Cotten, the allegedly dead co-founder and CEO of Quadriga CX?

The case of the loss of the keys to the storage wallets of Canadian exchange Quadriga CX is directing attention towards several of the leaders of the project. The allegedly dead Gerald Cotten is a relevant figure to contemplate when trying to understand what actually happened with the funds.

The first news regarding the death of the Quadriga CX exchange became public on the 14th of January of this year. In the Facebook post embedded below, the company announced the passing of Cotten: 

Cotton, aged only 30, is described on the obituary post as a visionary leader. The circumstances of his death are framed into a trip to India, in order to open an orphanage for children in need. There, he suffered complications caused by Crohn’s disease and sadly passed away on December 9th. Crypto Reddit seems to doubt this extreme:


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According to a profile available on Bloomberg, Gerald Cotten had been president of Quadriga CX since February 5 of 2015, and was previously registered as CEO of the same company since December of 2013. The same source cites 11 years of digital currency experience for Cotten, who graduated in 2010 with a BBA from the Schulich School of Business at the York University, located in Toronto. His engagement with the cryptocurrency space also extended to serving as director of the Vancouver Bitcoin Co-Op since December 2013. Cotten also was, or is, a member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

The court documents which emerged recently shed light into the difficult situation of the exchange, as an affidavit became publicly available. It warned that Jennifer Roberts, Cotton’s widow and Estate Executor, was unable to access the funds.

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The same affidavit also casts certain shadows on the story. Despite his mistake with retaining singled-handedly the private keys to the exchange wallets, Gerald Cotten appears to be a savvy tech user. The court document states that the laptop, email and messaging system he used to run Quadriga CX were all encrypted.

Regardless of the tech expertise of the CEO and co-founder of Quadriga CX, this is not the first time that users of the leading Canadian exchange have issues. Delays in operations were frequently mentioned in local press, including a month-long wait of a couple who tried to buy $100,000 Canadian dollars worth of BTC from the company in question.

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The supposedly-defunct CEO can be witnessed on this interview, filmed in early 2016, spreading the virtues of QuadrigaCX. Cotton claimed here that his company had a whooping 80% market share over the Canadian BTC markets. 

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