Mt. Gox sell-offs: leaked documents accounting for $320 million exchanged

05 Feb, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Mt. Gox sell-offs: leaked documents accounting for $320 million exchanged

Several transfer scans published today in the blog pointed out towards Nobuaki Kobayashi selling large amounts of BTC and BCH via BitPoint exchange.

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Previous activity coming from Mt. Gox trustee has caused price manipulation concerns among the cryptocurrency space and general hesitance about the influence of his BTC and BCH sell-outs in order to settle the claims of the users of the defunct exchange.

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The total amount of the transfers, executed between the 23rd of February and the 4th of July of 2018, equates to about 34 billion Japanese Yens, or about $320 million.

However, in the blog post from, only partial screenshots of the transfers are shown:

If the information was to be true, it would suppose a confirmation that Kobayashi acted against the recommendations he received from cryptocurrency experts, who advised him against selling the funds through a public exchange.

Instead of following Kraken CEO Jesse Powell advice, who considered that the best options, in descending order of merit, were not selling the coins, selling them with an auction, or recurring to an OTC broker, with the current information it could be confirmed that Kobayashi opted for BitPoint exchange for getting rid of at least a part of the funds he currently guards.

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