QuadrigaCX co-founder was using a fake name? Previously convicted for fraud

05 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 06 Feb, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
QuadrigaCX co-founder was using a fake name? Previously convicted for fraud

Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX has been making headlines over the past week for the unbelievable story relating to the death of the company's CEO, causing a loss of access to all customer funds. The CEO Gerald Cotten apparently passed away in December from complications related to Crohn's disease.

Speculation has been rife regarding Quadriga, who now owes its clients over $190 million in funds. 

The exchange has since gone offline and QuadrigaCX filed an affidavit by Cottens Widow, Jennifer Robertson. 

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Social media has seen all sorts of potential stories played out on what exactly could have possibly happened to both the CEO Gerald Cotten as well as the funds from the exchange, following a recent report stating that the exchange never actually lost access to any of their wallets.

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Social media has now come out and stated that Quadriga Co-founder Michael Patryn is in fact not Michael at all, but rather convicted felon, Omar Dhanani. According to social media, Dhanani was convicted of fraud for operating an online marketplace for identity theft in the USA, and was released in 2007.

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The latest news on that could spell disaster for Quadriga, as well as customers expecting to get their funds out of the exchange. What is also concerning is the fact that if this is true, Dhanani would have access to customer identification documents and could do with them as he wishes.

While the information has not been confirmed by a credible source as of yet, it is just another avenue that sheds a dark light on the entire situation. Stay with Chepicap for updates on the QuadrigaCX debacle.

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