Much of market is sideways but some coins are standing out

04 Feb, 2019
by David Borman
Price Action
Much of market is sideways but some coins are standing out

Many coins saw only slight movement today and on average most coins were tending sideways, however there were some very notable exceptions.

Coin Market Capitalization/Bitcoin Dominance

The market as a whole is currently at $113,620,766,837, which is down less than $1 billion from earlier today. Bitcoin dominance is holding strong at 53.3%.

Current price of Bitcoin: $3,457.19.

Top 10

Of the top 10 coins, best performer today is by far TRON (TRX) up 4.94% to $0.026. Another strong coin today is Litecoin, rising 1.79% to $34.09. Not all could be winners today though, with Bitcoin SV dropping -1.14% to $63.04, though this could be related to the unfortunate news that just broke concerning abusive material on the SV blockchain.

Biggest Winners/Losers

Moving on to the top 100, we see controversial coin, Bitcoiin (B2G) pumping 107.73% to $0.64, followerd by Maker (MKR) up a more realistically impressive 12.40% to $418.87. As for downside, Revain (R) dropped -10.43% to $0.141 and Aurora (AOA) slid -7.40% to $0.0066.

On average, the market is moving to the side, though a few coins are performing well above or below the average. As always, stick with Chepicap for all your price action news!

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