Is Substratum the solution to ensuring net neutrality?

23 May, 2018
by Joeri Cant
Is Substratum the solution to ensuring net neutrality?

Centralisation doesn't just play a factor in the financial system, it also plays out regularly on our beloved internet.

This is the case when it comes to both the access of information as well as website hosting. These factors can impact the long term health of the internet and make it less impartial and accessible.

That is where Substratum claims to comes in. The company wants to make the web decentralized by being a large open source network where anyone can rent out their computers as hosting providers. The company wants to shake up the “client-server” model that has become the backbone of the web.

Instead of a number of people connecting to large web hosts, they can connect to a network that is run on millions of individual computers, which will make use of open source code on a blockchain. Quite simply put, Substratum is trying make the internet 'freer' for everyone.

Now that net neutrality is coming to an end in the US as of early next month, and under attack in many other countries over the world, Substratum claims they could be the solution to this: "we want to let the world know that we at Substratum have the technological solution to ensure we don't need a political [solution] anymore, and we can have a neutral internet now and forever."

And to make the world aware of this, they have a sweet contest going on. Who are we to deny you the possibility to win some free stuff.

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