McAfee releases IRS subpoena letter, more updates since exile

04 Feb, 2019
by David Robb
McAfee releases IRS subpoena letter, more updates since exile

Exiled presidential candidate and crypto shill John McAfee has recently published the subpoena letter that was sent to him by the IRS. He has also been keeping followers up to date with his activities since fleeing the U.S.

McAfee is currently on the run from American tax authorities, who decided to chase him up on quite a few outstanding payments, apparently dating back over two decades. As he and his team were fleeing the country by boat, he took the time out to give an exclusive interview to Chepicap, where he insisted that the state's fear of crypto might well be motivating their actions.

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Now in exile in the Bahamas, McAfee seems to be trying to make the most of this unfortunate situation that he finds himself in, mostly by drinking lots of booze and partying. Also, he is still campaigning for the U.S. presidency, running on a pro-crypto platform ahead of the 2020 elections. In a confusing recent tweet, he asked followers if they wanted a tattooed president, while also suggesting that they probably wouldn't get one.

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McAfee also published images on Twitter of the letter sent to him by the IRS, informing him that records dating back to 2013 would be subpoenaed.

He claims that by now the Grand Jury should have reached a verdict in the case and decided what course of action to take, but they are stalling this announcement for some reason. His followers remain supportive of him, encouraged by his defiance of authority, his wild lifestyle, and his insistence that all the wealth he has accrued belongs entirely to him and nobody else.

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