Charlie Lee: Bitcoin will hit $20k within the next 3 years

04 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 04 Feb, 2019
by Will Heasman
Charlie Lee: Bitcoin will hit $20k within the next 3 years

A thread on Reddit has revealed a brand new Bitcoin prediction from the ever-discerning mind of Litecoin creator, and veracious forecaster, Charlie Lee... 

The Reddit post depicted messages Litecoin telegram in which Lee was asked: “When do you predict BTC will ever hit $20k again, or do you think it never will?”

Lee's response was simply: "Should happen within the next 3 years." 

It's fair to say Charlie Lee has a knack when it comes to predictions and timing the market. Back in 2017 the Litecoin (LTC) creator infamously sold his entire portfolio of digital silver sometime during the December 2017 bull run; subsequently, and correctly, foretelling the 2018 crypto crash.

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He also predicted LTC overtaking Bitcoin Cash at the start of the year, an event known as ‘The Flappening.’ This prediction was augured 9 months before the event occurred…

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Now the perceptive augur is back with another prediction: BTC to 20K in 3 years.

Given his Nostradamus-equse instinct for correctly auguring the crypto market, many users have backed this latest bullish price prediction:

However, not everyone agreed:

Interestingly quite a few bullish predictions fall within Lees time frame of 3 years, including Charlie’s own brother, Bobby Lee - Co-founder of BTC China -, who predicted BTC at $333k by 2021:

Let’s hope forecasting runs in the family…

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