New Zealand police state Cryptopia may reopen in early February

02 Feb, 2019 | Updated: 04 Feb, 2019
by Richard Allen
New Zealand police state Cryptopia may reopen in early February

Police investigating the hack of millions of dolls worth of cryptocurrencies from New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia have told investors that the exchange could be up and running again within the next few week, Newsroom reports.

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On January 14, hackers stole at least $20 million worth of cryptocurrencies from the exchange. Shortly after the hack took place, the exchange was into maintenance and has remained that way while the police investigate.

A recent letter from New Zealand police’s “investigation team – Operation Crypto,” has emerged after being sent to a Cryptopia customer. The letter states that although “there is no confirmed date when the company will resume business operations,” it may happen in early February.

The letter gave no further details on when, or if, victims will see their funds returned. Instead, the letter stated that “This is – and will remain – a protracted and complex investigation.”

Earlier this week the exchange was hit again that resulted in $180,000 worth of Ethereum being stolen. According to the report, 5,240 wallets were drained of their funds. What’s worse is that the victims were unaware of the hack and had topped up their funds.

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