Cryptopia hack continued even during police investigation- users want a lawsuit

27 Jan, 2019
by Arthur Sillers
Cryptopia hack continued even during police investigation- users want a lawsuit

According to a New Zealand news source, the hackers who broke into the Cryptopia exchange are still draining funds, even after it shut down trading and police began to investigate.

As Chepicap previously reported, analysis by Elementus crypto analytics firm showed some concerning aspects to the thorough security breach, which netted the attackers close to $23 Million in stolen crypto.

One detail which emerged from this analysis was that funds were being lifted from the exchange not only after the crypto exchange was aware it had been breached, but after police started investigating. This does not look good for Cryptopia. While many have wondered if the hack was an inside job, it hasn’t become clear one way or another. It should be pointed out that if Cryptopia is behind the attack, they would have to be quite brazen to continue siphon money while discussing the hack with the police, who have recently begun speaking with customers to get more information in their search for the origin of the hack.

Investors are still wondering if there is any chance that they will recover their funds. There has been some talk around crypto social media about a potential class action lawsuit, but so far any effort in that direction is stalled, and its unclear if they there is a solid case to recover users’ investments.

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