Online Swiss Bank Dukascopy partners with Bitstamp to offer BTC funding method

26 Jan, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
Online Swiss Bank Dukascopy partners with Bitstamp to offer BTC funding method

Online Swiss bank and marketplace Dukascopy has announced a partnership with Luxembourg based bitcoin exchange Bitstamp which will see the Swiss bank offering BTC services.

Customers will now be able to fund their accounts on Dukascopy through Bitcoin, as well as withdraw through bitcoin too. 

The partnership between Dukascopy and Bitstamp means customer will be able to fund and withdraw to their US dollar denominated accounts using the cryptocurrency. 

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Bitcoin is currently the only cryptocurrency that is being supported by Dukascopy, “The proceeds of the BTC/USD conversion are credited in USD to the crypto-fundable client account,” the bank added. 

In terms of withdrawals, clients will have their USD balance converted to BTC at the exchange rate and the BTC amount sent back to them. 

Bitstamp commented on the partnership saying “This partnership represents another step towards our goal of bridging the gap between crypto and traditional finance,” Bitstamp wrote. “It is further proof that our efforts in compliance and regulation continue to deliver results at a time of rapid maturation for the cryptocurrency industry.”

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lol, partnership with bitstamp :D
Bitstamp doesnt bring nothing good, you will understand it wery soon
26 Jan, 2019 - 18:09
heheh you are right but still someone uses bitstamp. strange
29 Jan, 2019 - 09:38
heh I woder who is it? bitstamp platform is not working proper
04 Feb, 2019 - 09:07
Maybe this is another way to rob us by Bitstamp
27 Jan, 2019 - 18:59
New ways are good for bitstamp but bad for users. how should we act after it?
29 Jan, 2019 - 09:12
No one decent organization will cooperate with Bitstamp. Think about it
27 Jan, 2019 - 19:18
but still someone partners with Bitstamp. strange thing
28 Jan, 2019 - 04:56
It seems to me a complicated pattern by Bitstamp. And dark deeds are usually hidden under complex schemes
27 Jan, 2019 - 19:38
not too complicated because clever users understand all.
bitstamp and new fraud
10 Feb, 2019 - 02:32
Wow, I thought bitstamp was already dead.
Well, the Swiss will soon realize what mistake they made)
28 Jan, 2019 - 09:37
yeah bank will. i think they already get it..bitstamp makes shit
29 Jan, 2019 - 22:43
No new partners will save Bitstamp. It's dead. RIP
28 Jan, 2019 - 13:00
i can't say anything good about bistamp.. it's true and bitstamp is not reliable
28 Jan, 2019 - 20:03
such cooperation with bitstamp doesn't look perspective and safe for the bank
28 Jan, 2019 - 21:08
Really? Is bitstamp still breathing?
29 Jan, 2019 - 14:54
not at all. bitstamp dies
10 Feb, 2019 - 07:24
Where does this lead?
partnership with Bitstamp is tough break
29 Jan, 2019 - 15:50
don't think that bank will be lucky of the cooperation with bitstamp
29 Jan, 2019 - 19:43
How many Bitstamp paid to this bank, so that it would agree to cooperate?)
29 Jan, 2019 - 19:55
it's rather strange that swiss bank starts a partnership with unreliable crypto exchange. maybe the bank is also scam ?
29 Jan, 2019 - 20:30
i started to think that only fraud can sign the partnership with a fraud ) it's the only logical explanation of the news
29 Jan, 2019 - 21:06
i will see how long time could last such 'cooperation' with bitstamp
my forecast that not a long time
30 Jan, 2019 - 20:46
how lon.. I don`t think than someone will work with bitstamp
14 Feb, 2019 - 08:43
maybe bitstamp has serious problems and tries to find a fool and to steal his money ?__0))))
30 Jan, 2019 - 21:08
suddenly so many strange news about bitstamp in 2019. very strange
i think that that's not a time to invest in it
30 Jan, 2019 - 22:27
i guess bitstamp is planning to do something not good at the market usually
31 Jan, 2019 - 20:48
now customers of bitstamp wait for improvements within the platform, because trading process at the exchange is very complex and tough
02 Feb, 2019 - 10:00
where the bank came from ?? i haven't heard about such swiss bank so maybe it's one of bitstamp figurehead?
03 Feb, 2019 - 20:02
unfortunately you are right. I used to believe bitstamp but now I don`t. it does fraud. oh
11 Feb, 2019 - 08:25
How did Bitstamp manage to find a partner? suspicious
04 Feb, 2019 - 18:48
bitstamp just payed the Swiss bank for this, lol
17 Feb, 2019 - 08:12
i don't like the news about 'successful cooperation' with bitstamp
04 Feb, 2019 - 20:38
because these bitstamp news are fake :DD
15 Feb, 2019 - 12:07

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