58% professional investors would invest in crypto ETF, survey reveals

26 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 26 Jan, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
58% professional investors would invest in crypto ETF, survey reveals

New survey conducted by Bitwise Asset Management shows 58% of investors want to invest in crypto in the form of ETF.

Despite the lack of good news related to Bitcoin ETF, survey shows that ETF is the form of crypto investment that would attract professional investors and firms to put their money in.

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The survey is conducted by Bitwise Asset Management to 150 financial advisors, asking them about investment in cryptocurrency.

58% of them said that ETF would be their preference when it comes to investing in crypto.

When asked about the things that make them more comfortable in allocating some of the investment funds to crypto, 54% said “better regulation”, while 35% said “the launch of ETF”.

Moreover, according to Off The Chain, the reason behind the preference is that most investors don’t want to deal with the “complexities” of crypto investment. 

They are looking for “a well-understood construct that is plug-and-play with the existing software platforms, paperwork, processes, and workflows” that they understand well, which is in the form of ETF.

Quoting the publication, “At a 0.25%-10% allocation, crypto isn’t a deep focus of most investors, and most aren’t going to reinvent the wheel just to access it.”

Another opinion came from Chicago Board Options Exchange's (CBOE) CEO, Edward Tilly earlier this week that stated that cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) needs ETN to get the mass adoption all crypto enthusiasts want.

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