The Winklevoss twins choose ZCash over Monero since it's more regulator-friendly

26 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 26 Jan, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
The Winklevoss twins choose ZCash over Monero since it's more regulator-friendly

The Winklevoss twins explains how they choose which coins to list on Gemini, giving an example of their choice of Zcash over Monero. 

After getting many controversies over the advertisements they made on public places previously, Gemini’s founders, the Winklevoss twins talked about the process they undergo to choose which coins to list on their platform.

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Speaking to crypto journalist, Laura Shin, they were initially asked about Gemini’s coin listing policy related to Bitcoin Cash.

“We said you know what, we’re going to wait this out and let the dust settle,” they said regarding the Bitcoin Cash hardfork as quoted by Cryptodaily.

They went on further by elaborating that Gemini is still in the process of developing internal rules for new assets listing, by saying, “For each coin up to this point, it’s been a sort of a case by case situation."

Moreover, they added, “We look at the team, the use case, the proposition of the coin. Is it doing something unique or is it just another me too and is it truly, you know, solving an authentic problem that those are the general common-sense things that we look at and will it pass muster with regulators?”

Explaining the regulator matters further, they gave the example of their choice of Zcash over Monero.

“Obviously, we listed Zcash. We didn’t attempt to list Monero and we felt that Zcash was the privacy coin that we could get our regulators comfortable with,” the renowned Bitcoin whales said.

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Lastly, the Winklevoss stated that they will come up with an official release on the specific crypto listing framework for Gemini, soon after they're finished narrowing down the details of the entire thought processes, something that is predicted to happen within this year.

Speaking about the regulator or government, another renowned figure in the crypto space chose to take the opposite stance from the Winklevoss'. Check out Chepicap's exclusive interview with the man on the run, John McAfee. 

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