XRP Army strikes again? Messari founder's family is threatened

25 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 25 Jan, 2019
by David Robb
XRP Army strikes again? Messari founder's family is threatened

Crypto research agency Messari recently published a report that suggested XRP's market cap was grossly exaggerated. Shortly afterwards, the founder of Messari received a threatening phone call, leading him to believe that the so-called 'XRP army' are up to their old tricks.

Even in the passionate and often tribal crypto space, the XRP community stands out for its fierce loyalty to the second-largest crypto token. Leading exchanges Kraken and eToro have each been on the receiving end of the XRP army's attacks in the past, dealing with angry responses after they appeared to be spreading misinformation or FUD about the Ripple network's native coin.

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This reputation, along with the timing of the call on the same day as the publication of the Messari report, is what led Messari founder Ryan Selkis to believe that he was being personally threatened by members of the XRP community. 

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If the Messari report's findings become accepted in the crypto community, it could see the XRP token lose value by around $6 billion, and it's plausible than some followers are on the defensive. Threats against an individual's family might seem more extreme than what the XRP army is known for, but BitPay developer Jeff Garzik responded to Selkis' tweet with a claim that he had also been in a similar situation, in the wake of perceived attack on XRP.

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